Google search appliance (GSA) alternative - Expertrec

Move from Google search appliance to expertrec’s search solution to deliver an awesome search experience  that is robust, secure and scalable.

Google search appliance alternative - Expertrec

Steps to move from Google search appliance to expertrec

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your website (s) URL (s).
  3. Wait for indexing to complete.
  4. Add code.
  5. Go live
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google search appliance alternative


Real-time, actionable insights about your users’ search habits and activity.

Result Ranking

Show more relevant content by rearranging order of search results.


Adjust search relevance to promote the most important content


Anticipate what customers are searching for. 

Spell check

Dont let spelling mistakes prevent users from finding the content they want o.


Add unidirectional and bidirectional synonyms easily.

Facets and filtering

Easily enable faceted search and choose which facets to show for queries.

Mobile friendly

Great mobile search experience to make discovery easy.

Site Search With Image

Search autocomplete

Responsive search autocomplete user interface that surfaces results in sub-ms server side response times. 

Java Script crawler for better results

Modern websites use java script a lot.  If your website uses frameworks like Anguar, React or simple java script, chances are other crawlers will fail.

With Java Script rendering engine, Expertrec’s crawler could easily crawl your website and create screenshots of your pages to deliver a stunning search experience to your users.  

Site Search with snapshot
google site search alternative

PDF search

Expertrec indexer supports a variety of file types.  Including PDF, word, excel, odf, xml, txt etc.

Search results pages - Drill down

SEO friendly search results pages with facets, filters and sort by functionalities that help users find results quickly. Search supports image, pdf, excel and more file formats.

Google site search alternative
psicompany site search

Images in search results

Shows the right results so that users can find what they are searching for quickly

UI editor

Codeless UI editor gives you more controls to make sure your search looks the way you want it to look.

google site search alternative
google site search alternative

Crawl multiple websites

Have greater control over additional pages that you want to crawl.

Crawl behind login pages

Easily index pages behind a login. 

Google site search alternative

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Expertrec site search pricing

For Google search appliance alternative pricing


$ 9 per month
  • 2000 pages indexed
  • Search autocomplete
  • Search results pages
Paid Annually


$ 25 per month
  • 5000 pages indexed
  • Search autocomplete
  • Search results pages
  • Images in search
  • PDF search
Paid Annually


$ 49 per month
  • 10000 pages indexed
  • Search autocomplete
  • Search results pages
  • Images in search
  • PDF search
  • Recent searches
  • Trending searches
  • Voice search


$ 499+ per month
  • +5$ per 1000 pages
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Unlimited PDFS
  • Unlimited searches
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Personalized search results
  • Voice search
  • Advanced control panel

Optional Addons

Integration support (+99 USD one time fee)

Priority support over skype/email (+49 USD per month)

An additional one time fee might be charged based on the complexity of integration or for any additional features

Live Implementations

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