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With expertrec’s site search and product recommendation engine, you can now leverage latest machine learning techniques to deliver a personalized on-site experiece to your website visitors. Increase your average revenue per search and conversion rates. Easy to implement and no coding required.


Site search Engine.

Add a fast, relevant and beautiful search experience.

Recommendation Engine.  

Intuitive recommender system to sell effectively online

Google site search replacement

Google site search is shutting down. Move to a better search engine

Magento search

Add great site search to your magento store

Voice search

Add voice search capabilities to your site with no coding.


Analytics to help measure product performance .

  • Search autocomplete
  • Spell check
  • Search results pages
  • Facets, filters and sort by functionalities
  • AI based ranking
  • Low latency
  • Works seamlessly across devices
site search engine
psicompany site search
  • Search autocomplete and search results pages
  • Real time crawl
  • Image, PDF, excel and other formats supported
  • Multi language
  • Multi websites support
  • Customers who viewed this also viewed
  • Similar products
  • Recommended products
  • Frequently bought together
  • Cart page recommendations
  • Email recommendations
  • Push notifications
  • Physical store kiosk recommendations
  • Call center agent recommendations
recommendation engine
  • Resposive search UI
  • Real time inventory sync
  • SEO friendly
  • Recent searches
  • Trending searches
  • Magento 1.x and 2.x