features of Expertrec custom search

All your search bar needs to guide your visitors to checkout

Front-end features

For your users

Every development we make has your audience in mind. Searching your site couldn’t be easier on any device or language.

Fast search results

Enhances your website's user experience by loading search results within milliseconds.


It doesn’t matter if the user misspells a word. ExpertRec’s search is capable of returning results after spell correction.


Type just a few characters & AJAX search suggestions will provide the results quickly.

Voice search

Mobile devices & voice searches are the future. Expertrec is at the forefront of this & supports voice out of the box.


Supports eCommerce


Product search

Provides all you need to increases conversion of your eCommerce website through searches.

Filters and Facets

Pinpoint product discovery tools to help users find the right product in the least time.

Product Recommendations

Predicts and shows products in the search result that a user is more likely to purchase.

Add to cart from search

Boost your eCommerce sales with add-to-cart buttons just inside the search result.

Improves search & user experience

More exciting features



Our intelligent search box will not only respond to what the user is looking for but will “predict” the user's query. Search boxes make it easier to access your site than header navigation tabs.

Fuzzy search

Presents relevant results even if the user types in wrong spellings into the search.

Search for multiple post types

Presents relevant results even if the user types in wrong spellings into the search.

Personalized search

Make sure you surface the right item for the right user with our AI-based ranking technology.



Users can search with advanced search operators such as AND, OR, NOT, etc, and get what they want faster.

Relevant search

Configure Uni & Bidirectional synonyms & help bring up search results for non-text matches that can help in improving the search experience.

Full Text search

Search for all the words in the pages as opposed to other search engines that rely on searching metadata.


Delivers eDiscovery for social media, cloud, and the enterprise. Supports investigations of cloud-based data.



Popular queries

Automatically identifies the most popular queries and suggests them as per the user’s inputs.

Search ranking

Queries will be looked for in the portions of your site having a higher search weight first.

Collated queries

Get Google’s “Did you mean” feature and never miss out on User Intent.

Results on the same page

The search result page will load on the same page instead of on a new page improving the search experience.




Expertrec’s search UI works on all devices (mobile, desktop, and tablets) and operating systems.

30+ languages

Let your users search in all languages your multi-language website support.

PDF, Word, Excel

Indexes PDF, word, excel, and more file formats so that your website users can search for content within these files as well.

99.99% SLA

We make sure that your search is up and running at all times. No matter which part of the world they’re in by replicating your data across any of the 52 data centers in our Distributed Search Network.

Upgrade your search now

Start with a free trial to see for yourself how Expertrec search can make your search bar intelligent.

Back-end features

For you

Get more than just search, Expertrec is packed with beneficial features designed to be as easy for you to navigate as it is for your users.

Complete UI control

Customise input box, search result, layout, pagination, responsive search box, suggestions & facets.

Multi-platform support

Easily integrate with your favorite CMS or eCommerce platform like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Quick and easy setup

Add the code and customise the search bar to get your search live in just five minutes.

Unlimited search queries

No limitations on number of searches your visitors can make on your website.


Conversion boosters


Customer Activity Tracking

You can use google analytics to track search queries of your website while using Expertrec.

Search Analytics

Get real-time search insights & plan marketing campaigns or let our AI engine optimize these on autopilot.

Search ranking control

Search Ranking determines the ranking of individual document. The top result will be first in the results.


Run better marketing campaigns by promoting the right products for the best-performing search queries.

Improves search & user experience

More exciting features

Custom crawler

Adjust crawl frequency and speed, crawl protected pages, configure custom extraction.

Index behind login pages

Indexes content behind login pages so that your search engine can display them when users search.

Auto periodic crawl

Set auto re-crawl to “daily”, “weekly”, “monthly” or “yearly".

Supports 20+ fields

Automatically identifies important content on pages like post title, product name, images, prices, and more.

Custom search rules


Control panel

Keep everything under your control with the powerful control panel where you can control from UI to functionality.

Use with existing search bar

If you wish to use Expertrec with your existing search bar, Expertrec lets you easily integrate with it in just one click.

Testing & development mode

Test our search in development environment before going live.

Dedicated support

Any queries raised through email or ticket will be responded within 24 hours.


AI/Machine Learning


Big data techniques

Scalable cloud Infra

Intellectual Property Protection

Natural language Processing (NPL)

No spam. No data breach. You may opt out at any time.
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