Woocommerce product search

woocommerce product search

Super fast search results

Low latency high speed search results to wow your site usersĀ 

Intelligent typo tolerance

Handles out of the box search that can handle spelling errors made by users.


Highly relevant search results that match user intent

Awesome support

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woocommerce product search

Steps to create your own woocommerce search

  1. Sign up at woocomerce search engine.
  2. Enter your product sitemap URL.
  3. Go to Crawl-> what to crawl-> SitemapCrawl-> what to crawl-> Sitemap and remove unnecessary sitemap URLs. 
  4. Enable crawl only sitemap.
  5. Go to Install-> code and copy paste the code to the head section of your woocommerce website.
  6. Take live.

Woocommerce search pricing


9$ P/Mo

  • 2000 products
  • Unlimited searches


25$ P/Mo

  • 5000 products
  • Unlimited searches


49$ P/Mo

  • 10000 products
  • Unlimited searches

Darth Vader

99$ P/Mo

  • 25000 products
  • Unlimited searches
Excellent search solution, easy to implement, fast and with first class customer service.
Quite affordable and customizable.

Brian Sweet
John Johnson
Marketing specialist
Great team to work with.

woocomerce search results page

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