Expertrec site search engine lets you deliver intuitive search experiences to your website users. Features such as search autocomplete, spell correct, filters, facets and advanced merchandizing rules are built into our search engine to help take your business to the next level.

Deliver search experiences

Expertrec Site search engine features

Instant search  Beautiful search autocomplete and search results pages . Recent searches, trending searches to help improve conversion rates.

Search Relevance  Fine tune search relevance, adjust search weights and add custom rules. Improve  conversion rates on autopilot mode.

Filters and facets to help your users find the right product. Pin point product discovery tools to help users find the right product in the least time.

Merchandizing  Run better marketing campaigns by promoting the right products for the best performing search queries

Personalized search results Make sure you surface the right product for the right user with our AI based ranking technology. 

Super fast Search results at sub-ms server side response times. Wow your customers with lightning fast search results.

Visual site search

Engage your users with our visual search autocomplete widget.  Predictive search as you type suggestions and product recommendations. Features such as recent searches, trending searches is available as an option. Let users search with your search box in category fields- Site search engine experience at its best.

site search engine
site search engine

Add to cart inside search

Boost your magento sales with a add to cart button just inside search

Search as you type user Interface

Cut short the time for product discovery with expertrec's site search engine by taking users directly to the search results pages. Products, categories, facets and filters change on every keystroke. 

site search engine

Multiple language support

We support all languages. 

Site Search analytics

With expertrec site search engine, you get real time insights into your customer's minds. Get information on top search queries, queries with zero results, top revenue generating search queries. Use these queries to plan your inventory demands and marketing campaign or let our AI engine optimize these on auto pilot mode.

search analytics top search queries queries with zero results

Custom search rules

  • Synonyms- Auto generate synonyms based on user spelling errors
  • Create dynamic landing pages - set rules on what search results to show for specific user profiles.
  • Adjust search weights- choose your own relevance model and A/B test your conversion rates.
  • URL redirects- send users to a particular URL on a search query hit.
  • Boost products- Promote products across queries with a single click.
  • Add filters or rules to remove or demote products.
  • Add synonyms.

Deliver the Ultimate search experience