Use expertrec’s recommendation engine to improve online sales. Expertrec’s recommender systems works by learning from user behavior in real time to figure out the right products to recommend to them. The algorithm behind our recommender system is “expectation maximization algorithm”. To put in simple words, you can give a goal to our recommender system and it will optimize for that goal. It could be higher click through rate, more sales, more customer engagement or on site time etc.

Expertrec recommendation engine

Display the right products to every user on your site based on their browsing patterns in real time powered by machine learning algorithms 

Home page recommendations

Recently Viewed.

Recommended for you.

What other users are looking at.

Trending products.

Product page recommendations

Customers who viewed this also viewed.

Similar products.

You may also like.

Customers who bought this also bought

Frequently bought together

Out of stock recommendations.

Cart page recommendations

Customers also bought.

Recommended add ons.

Email recommendations

Bought this also bought (After a buy)

Based on your cart items

Based on your searches.

Recommended for you

Web product recommendations

Choose the right products to show on 

Home page, 

Product pages, 

Cart pages 

Out of stock pages.

Push notifications.

recommendation engine
recommendation engine

Mobile and tablet product recommendations

Increase your mobile and tablet conversion rates by upto 200% with our reponsive recommendation widgets. 

Email product recommendations

Send dynamic email recommendations after a search,  product view,  add to cart and buy with pin point accuracy.

recommendation engine
recommendation engine

Call center recommendation engine

Empower your contact center representatives with the right user profile data to improve sales right on their dashboards. GIve them information on the top 5 products to recommend to the customer or insights into discounts to offer.

In-store kiosk recommendations

Show personalized recommendations to your customers in physical stores as well. Utilize their website, mobile and other device browsing patterns to effectively up-sell and cross-sell in physical stores

recommendation engine
recommendation engine

Compare with similar items

Help users make better buying choices by comparing with similar items automatically

Recommendation engine pricing


$ 99 /mo
  • 100,000 api calls
  • 5000 products
  • Email support


$ 249 /mo
  • 500,000 api calls
  • 10,000 products
  • Email support


$ 499 /mo
  • 1,000,000 api calls
  • 20,000 products
  • Email support


$ 999 /mo
  • 2,000,000 api calls
  • 40,000 products
  • Custom rules and promotions
  • Priority support over email .


$ 1499 /mo
  • 5,000,000 api calls
  • 70,000 products
  • Custom rules, promotions, UI support.
  • Priority phone and mail support


$ 1999 /mo
  • 10,000,000 api calls
  • 100,000 products
  • Custom rules, promotions, profile api, call centers, kiosks integration.
  • Dedicated account manager