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Help your users find exactly what they are looking for. Innovate search experience with Expertrec’s state-of-the-art faceted search.

Show Relevant Results to users with
AI-powered Facets

Facets are checkboxes, dropdowns, and other fields presented with search results. When facets fuse with Expertrec’s search engine, users can get the best discovery experience.
Search results will show checkboxes for brands, categories, and colors, a slider to select the price range, fields to select average customer review, document type, author, language, date range, and more depending on the niche, content, and search results.

Enterprise Search & Filter

Faceting is one of many vital features every search application demands to advance in the digital workplace. Read more about features offered by Expertrec custom search here.

Auto Facets and Facet Customization

Personalize the search experience with Expertrec’s auto faceting that automatically selects the most relevant facets based on the ranking, historical, and search trends data. Complete GUI control will be available to choose, reorder and represent facets to be more appropriate for the user experience of your application.

Characteristics of
AI-powered Search & Filter

Augmented Intelligence

Real Intelligence cannot be artificial. Augmented intelligence is when AI extends human judgment rather than replacing it.

Natural Language Search

Humans compose the search queries. Natural language search rescues you every time your user talks human language.

Search Analytics

Get real-time search insights & plan marketing campaigns or let our AI engine optimize these on autopilot.

User Behavior & Signal Capture

Users continuously leave their likes & dislikes data while using your application. Predict their intent in real-time using these signals.

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Great team to work with. The ability to tune the search engine made more relevant results on my OScommerce platform than Google CSE. I’m glad I made the move.

Peter Ollodart

President and CEO – PSI Company