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Why Expertrec?

Expertrec is the ideal choice for businesses looking to elevate their search capabilities. Its standout features, seamless integration options, and exceptional customer support make it a preferred solution in the market.

With Expertrec, businesses gain access to advanced search functionalities that include typo tolerance, NLP, and personalized recommendations. Moreover, Expertrec’s user-friendly interface and easy integration process make it a top contender among its competitors.

Furthermore, Expertrec’s spell checker functionality goes beyond typical offerings, further improving search accuracy and aiding users in finding the desired products or information.

When I thought it would be impossible to find a reasonably priced tool to improve search, I came across Expertrec. This is truly a fantastic product. This tool has done that for us tangibly. It is brilliant. Super easy to implement, so easy that we opted for the more complex custom install, and even that was so easy, it made my signoff on the product very simple. They have standard integrations for other popular CMS systems, which would make it even easier to implement. Once implemented, the tool allows so much flexibility, but the formal settings in our custom site have worked just fine. The search is super fast, has a very slick presentation, and reminds me of a high-end Apache Solr install we implemented a few years ago.

 – Simone S. , Systems Analyst

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Expertrec Comes Highly Recommended

Install the Plugin hit index and you're ready to go. It replaces automatically the Wordpress Search without any hassle. And the best Part is the advanced search results are displayed as an overlay with customizable filter functionality, without reloading the page.
- Marco M.
I recently had the pleasure of using ExpertRec Search for a client project. The search engine is comprehensive, easy to implement, and cost-effective. It was able to index hundreds of web pages with ease and accuracy quickly. I was also impressed by the customer service team, who were very responsive and accommodating to our needs.
- Carlo Alberto C.
We're an online marketing & webdevelopment agency and use ExpertRec for a couple of cliënts. We've recently integrated Expertrec for a cliënt that has a lot of custom wishes. With meta tags we were able to integrate a custom search engine. The service/support team is great and answers really fast.
- Tamara L.

Unleash the ultimate shopper experience with Expertrec

  • Offering the best price in the market
  • Apply Custom boosting rules in search results
  • Personalized search
  • Search ranking control
  • Multi-devices
  • 30+ languages
  • Banners
  • Pinning products
  • Boost and prioritize top-selling products to maximize sales.
  • Autocomplete feature suggests relevant products
  • Machine Learning-Powered Insights
  • Advanced Search Capabilities

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