Instant search  Beautiful search autocomplete and search results pages .

Search control  Fine tune search relevance, adjust search weights and add custom rules

Filters and facets to help your users find the right product. 

Merchandizing rules Plan better marketing campaigns by promoting the right products for the best performing search queries

Personalized search results Highly personalized search results for every user that boosts your average revenue per search.

Super fast Search results at sub-ms server side response times.

Visual search

Engage your users with our visual search autocomplete widget.  Predictive search as you type suggestions and product recommendations.

ecommerce search engine autocomplete spell correct fuzzy search website search bar
movie search engine, search as you type ui

Search as you type User Interface

Cut short the time for product discovery by taking users directly to the search results pages.

Search analytics

Get real time insights into your customer's minds. get information on top search queries, queries with zero results, top revenue generating search queries etc.

search analytics top search queries queries with zero results

Search control panel

  • Synonyms.
  • Create dynamic landing pages.
  • Adjust search weights.
  • URL redirects.
  • Boost products.
  • Add filters.

Deliver the Ultimate search experience