Free eCommerce Search Audit

Uncover hidden opportunities in the search bar & Double the conversion rate

Increase your eCommerce revenue through Search. Your search bar is the face of your eCommerce business. A search bar should provide customers with what they are looking for.
With a personalized site search engine for your eCommerce site, let us help you to increase your sales and conversions today.
Our team of search experts will audit your site search and will uncover drawbacks, opportunities, ideas to improve your search and increase your sales and conversions.
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*Our free search audit is offered to eCommerce websites with more than 250 products. Eligibility criteria may change over time.

What’s inside my audit report?

Usability and relevance

Filters and facets

Search merchandising

Why diamond ring at the 1st place?
Because the user searched for diamond ring previously!

Personalized products

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Search Audit Overview

Our Audit Process

Our team of search experts will review your website search functionality and features
A detailed product discovery audit to find loop-holes and drawbacks to improve your search.
Shareable audit report with actionable advice will be sent to your email.
A customized audit report that fits your website needs will be prepared.
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