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E-commerce AI search is an advanced technology that uses machine learning algorithms to improve the accuracy and relevance of search results on e-commerce websites.

E-commerce AI search can analyze customer behavior and preferences to personalize search results. This helps customers discover new products they are likely to be interested in.

AI-powered search algorithms can process search queries faster than traditional search technologies. This means customers can find what they are looking for faster, which can improve the overall customer experience.

Expertrec is a search and recommendation engine that offers features such as AI-powered search, personalized recommendations, voice search, and customizable search results.

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*Our free search audit is offered to eCommerce websites with more than 250 products. Eligibility criteria may change over time.

Usability and relevance

Filters and facets

Search merchandising

Why diamond ring at the 1st place?
Because the user searched for diamond ring previously!

Personalized products

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